Veneers Gallery

Patient L.H. (first set of images shown above)
L.H. had wanted to create a new smile and fix all her teeth for a few years and was apprehensive about many issues. She came to our office very confused about what she really wanted and had been to many dental clinics only having consults and not returning. She was either not comfortable with the doctor, the prices quoted or the work she had seen and was looking for someone to ease her mind, her pocket and provide her with high quality work.

After a few meetings with L.H. we decided to start with her maxillary anterior teeth (top front six) and make her a set of veneers. The veneers we knew would change her overall appearance and provide a beautiful smile that she would be comfortable with. Before touching her teeth we had the lab make a model of what her teeth would look like at the end, and with her involvement in the design process we reached a look that she was comfortable with.

We prepared her teeth for the veneers and fitted her with temporary teeth that were based on the models discussed. She wore the temporaries for two weeks while the lab processed the veneers and with her feedback on the look of the temporaries and the final color selection we decided it was time place her veneers.

L.H. has been extremely pleased with the result of her veneers and loves how they were custom made to her specifications. She is now looking to restore the rest of her teeth and we will be working with her to make her dream smile come true.