Restorative Dentistry: Crowns and Bridges

Patient J.L. (first set of images shown above)
J.L. presented to our office with very few teeth in the mandibular arch (lower teeth) and was interested in "fixing" her teeth. After a thorough examination it became apparent that some of her existing lower front teeth needed to be extracted. Finances were an issue for the patient and after discussing all the treatment options that were available to her, J.L. chose to restore her teeth with a combination fixed bridge and removable partial denture.

We decided to make her a fixed porcelain to metal (PFM) bridge and a removable partial denture. Since J.L. had no back teeth in this arch we agreed on making a partial denture to give her better functionality when chewing. She did not want any metal showing as she had seen in other people's dentures, and so we decided on an attachment denture which clips into the back of the bridge. This allows for a more esthetic denture and also creates better retention of the partial denture.

J.L. is very pleased with the outcome of her dental work and is much more confident in her smile and appearance. She had been without back teeth for almost 10 years and loves the fact that she can eat many of the things that she had been missing throughout the years.