Cosmetic Dentistry: White Fillings

Patient M.G. (first pair of images shown above)
Having always been told that she had "bad teeth" by her former dentists, M.G. thought that she would end up losing her teeth at an early age. She had very large silver fillings that were not protecting her teeth well and she always had cavities starting around those large fillings. She did not like the way her teeth looked and would not speak much due to the fact that every time she opened her mouth her dark fillings were obvious.

M.G. wanted to get the "silvers out and whites put in". After a comprehensive dental examination we decided that a combination of different restorative materials would be used to finish her case. The smaller fillings and cavities were restored with bonded white fillings, the larger fillings were removed and replaced with porcelain inlays and onlays, and finally the largest filling was restored with a full porcelain crown.

The final result is a mouth that appears as though there are no restorations and that the patient has never even had a cavity in her mouth. M.G. likes to show off her new teeth to her loved ones and with the use of an electric toothbrush and regular check-ups is maintaining her smile and she no longer has "bad teeth".